31 January 2011

Well, today we went in a minibus to an old vocano about an hour out of Rio Gallegos.  Haha, its so old that its hardly even a mountain, its more like a crater now.  But, it`s filled with really green-blue water.  Anyway, we went as a zone and it was way fun.  We took some members with us who cooked us hamburgers and chorizo.  Good, good stuff.  Anyway, they say that this lake doesn`t have a bottom.  Elder Lane, an elder in my zone, said that it probably has a bottom, but the Argentines just haven`t found a long enough stick haha!  We make fun of argentine technology sometimes.  But I sent some pics so hopefully you can see how it is.
Also, this week we saw a miracle!  As my companion and I were watching some training videos in the church one morning, two young guys knocked on the church door, wanting to know when the meetings were.  They told us that they were members from Bahìa Blanca.  Well, they made it on sunday and, come to find out, they haven`t been baptized yet!  And, they are super excited about joining the church and getting baptized.  We`re planning their baptism for this saturday.
Well, I didn`t have much time today, so I`ll just send pics instead of writing.  I love you guys, thanks for your prayers!
Elder Hales

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