18 December 2010


Well, this week was great.  First of all, Analia got baptized!  There were a lot of primary kids there and the primary leaders as well, which helped her have a memorable experience.  We did the card activity for her as well and, because of all the primary kids there, there were a lot of pictures and less writing haha. 
Also, I`ve loved being back in my first area because all my converts and all the members treat me way good and are super excited about the work.  We`re starting to get in a good rhythm with references from members and teaching.  In fact, my companion and I have a goal of doing divisions every day so we can teach double.  We have a lot of couples who need to be married, but that`s not a new challenge and we have two couples who are going to get their marriage dates this week.  Doroteo and Clara are still set to be married on the 10th of January and Doroteo will be baptized on the 11th.  We are also teaching Serapio and Norma as well as Hilda and Remigio, all of whom will be getting married soon.  We had a family home evening with Hilda and Remigio last night and taught them the plan of salvation.  Then, we gave them a laminted picture of a temple (from the sweet ensign last month) and a copy of the proclamation to the family.  They loved it!  They are super excited to get married and then baptized.  Hilda says "she wants to so bad its eating her alive!"  Haha.  The Lord is blessing us with families that transform right in front of our eyes.  And the cool thing is, we don`t do the changing.  All we do is orchestrate things behind the scenes and invite them to keep simple commitments that change their lives. 
So, I think today I`m going to the Boca to play some soccer as a zone.  Now that we can travel anywhere in our zone on pdays, we can do stuff like that.

Well, I gotta run, but I love you guys and hope your not freezing over there!  I`m not!  Its starting to get pretty toasty.


Elder Justin Hales

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