29 December 2010

Hola Boca fans,
Well, this week Kevin got baptized!  It was such an awesome baptism!  The young men all came and sang him a song, a young man baptized him, and his dad, who was opposed to his baptism up to now, also came and liked it!  Everyone was so happy!  When Kevin was confirmed, he was promised (actually kind of commanded) to serve a mission!  And, he`s the man so I`m sure he`ll make it.
So today are transfers and I`m temporarily with Elder Davis in San Cristobal.  Its weird because we`re both district leaders in the zone, so we`ll see what happens as the day progresses (sometimes transfers are like a process haha).
When I started out my mission, I was pretty neutral as far as soccer goes.  But, I think today I became converted to an hincha de Boca.  We went and toured the Boca stadium with the Elders of La Boca, an assistant to the president who is finishing his mission, and the sons of President Gulbrandsen and it was so cool.  I`ll have to send pics next week, but it was way sweet.  I even learned the Boca chant song: Dale dale dale dale Boooo!  Haha. 
Well, the work was exploding in Parque Chacabuco and I was really sad to go.  In January, the ward is going to grow a lot.  But, I`m sure the Lord is in control and I just gotta trust in Him.  Man, during this transfer it was really, really easy for me to realize why I was there:  Spin, which was a miracle that I taught him in my last area. Kevin, who started going to church when I was in Parque Chacabuco before.  Analia, who was inactive when I was in P. Chacabuco the first time.  And, all my converts and the members, who are so awesome.  Man, I love them with ALL my heart.  I would easily die for any one of them. 
On Sunday we had a sweeeeeet ward family home evening.  I taught a lesson about christmas and how to share the gospel during the holidays.  We did practices, examples, and read scriptures.  Everyone even commited to do what we had practiced during this holiday week.  There were about 50 members there.  Then, we all played games (telephone and another weird argentine game that made everybody laugh, but that I didn`t really understand haha).  But, all in all, it was great for the members and investigators that were there. 
I`m realizing something now in my mission.  The key is to form relationships with the members and investigators.  Yoùve got to break the barriers that are there.  You`ve got to love them, laugh with them, and inspire them.  The members are the key.  
Well, I hope you guys had a great christmas, I sure did!  I got to talk to my family on Skype and it was way fun.   We also ate dinner with the Catala family (2nd year in a row) and read from the Bible together.  We also ate Christrmas lunch with the Yovera family, my converts from a year ago.  I love that family a ton.
Next week I`ll send ya pics of christmas, la boca, etc. and let you know about transfers.  Until then, share the gospel with a friend this christmas.  Navidad spelled backwards is Dàdiva (almost), which means gift in spanish.  So, give some good gifts this year!
Love you guys a ton.  Peace out homies.
Elder J. Hales

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