22 November 2010


Well, I`m back in Parque Chacabuco!  Its funny because the whole district lives in the same apartment.  Everyone told me I should just teach the district meeting in the apartment, but we just all walk down to the church and have it there haha.  So, it has seriously been one of the best weeks of my life here in Parque Chacabuco.  I don`t know if you all remember my converts from here, but this week I saw a lot of them (only 3 are less active...for now).  The rest are on fire.  The Yovera family is getting ready to go to the temple and Tomàs was sustained last week in stake conference to receive the melchesidec priesthood (definitely not spelled right in English there).  Valeria has also grown a ton.  Marianela was sustained on sunday as the visiting teaching coordinator and is getting her patriarchal blessing this Sunday!  Nelson Ramos is going on the mission within a year and his mom, Albertina, is in the relief society presidency!  The ward has also grown a ton.  When I gave my welcome testimony, I told everybody that they had shook my hand so warmly at the door that I felt like I had already been in this ward before...haha everyone laughed.  I think because they had pity on my lame joke.  But, honestly it was awesome.  THERE IS SO MUCH POTENTIAL HERE.  We have a ton of families to that need to get married and a lot of investigators.  We had a capacitation this week and one of the things we practiced was helping families get married.  Also, I talked to Pres. Gulbrandsen and Spin is going to get baptized in this area.   In fact, he called me today and told me he didn`t want to wait one more week to get baptized! HAHA!  I don`t know a single missionary who wouldn`t love to get that phone call.  So, we`re going to get him prepared and, if all works out, he`ll be baptized this Saturday.  What a miracle that I taught him in my last area and get to see him get baptized here! 

Well, I love you guys so much.  We are working a lot with the members and seeing results.  This week we received 16 references of friends of the members.  I feel like the Lord is blessing me so much. 

For an invitation, I invite you to read in Preach my Gospel the quotes at the end of Chapter 1.  Then, head on over to the missionaries in your ward and ask them how you can help with the work.

Love you guys, un abrazo fuerte.

Elder J. Hales.

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