12 October 2010

Wow, this week was a crazy one!  Elder Erickson arrived and has been doing awesome!  He`s improving his Spanish everyday and has been doing some awesome contacts in Spanish.  He also gave an awesome testimony in church. But, the best thing he`s done so far was in the taxi leaving the mission home.  He challenged the taxi driver to be baptized and he accepted!!  Yeah baby!  He`s seriously one of the most prepared missionaries I`ve ever seen.  He`s got a huge testimony and I`m positive we`re going to see miracles together.
Well, the Pascual family is doing good.  Eduardo has been working a lot and its just been kind of tough finding time to teach him.  However, they are still good to get married the 28th and get baptized the 31st!  Please, please, please pray for them and the success of their family!  It was awesome, this weekend we had testimony meeting and Guilianna Pascual got up and gave her testimony!  She`s got a lot of courage for a recently baptized 8 year old!
So this Sunday in Argentina is Mother`s day, because Argentina is the only country that celebrates it in October.  Argentina also invents holidays, a lot of times spur of the moment, like every week!  The kids love it because they are always out of school.  Two weeks ago the kids seriously got out of school because there was a gateguard workers strike throughout Buenos Aires and the gateguards who just stand outside the gates of the school, doing nothing, couldn`t work!  Man, I would have loved to grow up here!  And, I love my mission here.
Also, yesterday we had a sweet lesson with Spin (Yao Shau Lin), our chinese investigator.  His spanish is getting better, but he still needs a translator.  So, we had a lesson with the brother of our old translator, Wan Wu.  Spin is eating up the gospel and is reading from all 4 standard works in chinese and the gospel principles book.  Its so obvious his desire to know more, even though there are so many barriers in front of him.  He`s making such good progress that I`m hoping he`ll be baptized while I`m still here in this area.  So, some prayers for Yao would also be nice.  I honestly never thought I`d be teaching in Chinese in Argentina, but its the coolest thing ever.  Nihow.
Well, tomorrow we have a big conference with Elder Arnold, the area president who also spoke in General Conference (the stupid cow talk).  I guess he`s famous for producing stakes throughout the world.  I heard he`s pretty scary.  Anyway, tomorrow I`m sure we`re going to learn a lot.  It will be a 10 hour long conference!  And, he`s doing apartment inspections haha!  I`m sure the apartment coordinator is thrilled haha.
Well, I couldn`t send pics this week (again, I know) due to some mechanical failures.  However, I`ll do my best to send a bunch as soon as possible.  Just imagine two good looking Elders walking into the sunset with the smell of Argentine asado in the distance.
So I had a special request that came in a little box to me.  I`d like to publically thank Dorey and Emma Brock for their nice letters.  And, Ammon and Jaime Brock and their family sent me a letter, which was way sweet.  Thanks guys.
Well, there are people to save waiting for me outside, I better get going.  I hope you guys are doing great.
Les quiero mucho.  Un abrazo fuerte.
Elder J. Diz Hales

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