31 October 2010

Dearest family and friends,

Well, I guess my fam moved this week, that`s kinda crazy.  I`ll be happy to come back to a room all to myself with a jacuzi and plasma screen all to myself...ha...just playin.  But, you know, I`m loving being here in Argentina.  The weather is great and we`re starting to see a lot of improvements in our area.  Especially the member work.  In the conference with Elder Arnold, he gave us a family home evening to do with all the members and we did it with a young couple in our ward.  Not one week later and they had a friend at their house eating dinner with us, who we taught afterward.  I love it!  It was a miracle.  The friend was VERY prepared and will be baptized for sure, although she lives in a different area.  But, that`s the kind of animo we need in our area.  I also realized how much time we waste when we walk, so we are going to try to plan so well that we cover very little area at a time, but that allows us to talk to as many people as possible.  Like it talks about it Preach my Gospel, we need to have our fishing line in the water constantly, instead of messing with the gear, moving to different parts of the pond, etc.

Elder Erickson is making great progress.  He`s starting to catch on to spanish, actually very well, and bears his testimony with a lot of power.  In fact, this week we had a lesson with Spin again.  So, we had three languages going at once!  English, spanish, and chinese!  Spin is making good progress and is even starting to recognize the spirit, which I guess is tough for a lot of oriental people, just from their culture.  I`ll try to get a pic with him and Bro Wu and send it to ya guys.

So, I`m reading the whole Book of Mormon in spanish and I`m in Alma 46.  As I`ve studied the war chapters, I`ve been making a list of the way we are going to "win the war."  Elder Arnold focused on the temple in his conference talk, and ever since I`ve been looking for other ways we are going to win.  If you read those chapters, it is so obvious that the book was written for our times and that we are going to win the war.  I love fighting here in this part of the world for the souls of everybody I see.  It`s interesting, many times the words to my dad`s song, "I will not surrender" come to my mind as I`m working, but i make a little change in my mind.  "I will not surrender, no never, its
their souls we`re fighting for."  Let`s everyone fight in their own part of the world and prepare the earth for the coming of the Savior.

I love you guys.  I hope you can feel my prayers and know that I love you.  And, I love this mission!  Its the coolest experience ever.  Have a great week.  I`ll do the same.

Elder Justin Hales

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