13 September 2010

What`s up friends,

Well, this week was really good and kind of bad at the same time.  What do you want first?  Well, I`ll give you the bad first.  The bad is that we didn`t do a ton of teaching this week and it was kind of hard to find new investigators.  But...the good is that we had a three day leadership conference that was sweeeeet.  These new lessons, along with President Gulbrandsen`s teaching, are changing the mission.  We are focusing even more on teaching with the spirit and asking questions that help the investigators find their own testimony.  Its way cool, the church also did some way legit videos to go along with the teaching that shows missionaries in San Diego teaching real investigators.  I don`t know how they filmed that ("Hi!  We want to teach your family!  And we want to film it so we can show it to 50,000 other people throughout the world!  HAHA).  Anyway, we learned a ton.  For example, we studied 1 Nephi 11 and the questions that are asked to Nephi.  Its the same with our investigators.
(Here is a story that Bob translated )
Yesterday, we put the training to the test and had something super cool happen.  We were helping an investigator family move and then afterward taught them a missionary lesson.  Then we left their house and my companion announced he had to use the restroom, so we headed for the nearest members house, which happened to be the bishop’s house.  When we came inside we met the Bishop’s mom and dad who were visiting from the United States.  They aren’t members of the church, in fact, they have never listened to the missionaries, nor ever had a desire to.  Nevertheless, we began to talk with them and learned about their concerns.  We expressed our love and helped resolve their concerns.  We even knelt down together with the whole family and the Bishop’s dad offered a prayer, asking if the church is true.  We taught them just as we had learned in our most recent training, and we saw their hearts open.  So they are returning right away to the U.S. but they are going with a commitment to be baptized!  The bishop was literally speechless!  And his confidence in us grew.  We could totally see Heavenly Father’s mercy in giving us an opportunity like that.  The bishop’s parents live in Las Vegas and don’t speak much English, so maybe my cousin William who is a missionary there can teach them!  That would be so cool!  HA! 

Well, Eduardo and Marianela still haven`t taken a turn out yet to get married.  They are kind of putting it off, but we`re going to have a lesson with them today and see what`s going on.  But, this Sunday their two kids are going to get baptized because it usually takes like a month for the marriage date after taking out a turn.  We`re super stoked about that!

We had a lesson with Spin yesterday and he`s doing great. He`s been reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish and Chinese, learning Spanish as he goes!  He prayed again in the lesson and said he`s starting to feel the spirit when we talk and when he reads the Book of Mormon.  President Wu from the Congreso stake came and translated again and even gave him the last conference talks in Chinese.  The only Chinese I`ve learned from the lessons is Ni how (hello).  Maybe I`ll start studying Chinese in the mornings instead of Spanish.

Well, we`re about to go eat some delicious pizza.  It dominates American pizza. 


Elder Hales

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