06 September 2010

Dear blog readers,

WHATS UP!?  Man, this week has been a crazy one, I`ll try to tell ya everything that`s been going on.  So here in Versalles, we divided the area into 2 areas.  Haha the only problem was that we don`t have hardly any progressing investigators on our side!  But its all good because we`re gonna be finding and teaching a ton this week. 

However, we do have a family that we are teaching, as well as a chinese guy.  The family`s name is Pascual and they are progressing a lot.  The only thing they need to do is get married and then they can all get baptized.

Spin is our chinese friend, he`s way rad.  He works in a chinese supermarket here in Versalles and has lived in Buenos Aires for 3 years.  However, he only speaks a little spanish.  When he talks to us, he talks in super broken spanish, but with argentine flares haha, its super funny.  When I met him, he didn`t know where I was from, so I showed him a copy of my passport I carry with me.  He saw utah and said, "Aaaaah!  Utah!  Utah Jazz!  Yo te miro el NBA viste.  Yo te digo a vos viste que yo te miro a basquet!  Haha so he thinks I live in Utah, but its all good, its close enough.  He also doesn`t know hardly anything about God or Jesus or christianity.  So, we had a lesson with a counselor in the stake presidency next door (Congreso - where I started out).  The counselor`s name is president Wu and he`s actually sis Catala`s brother (I spent christmas with the Catala family).  Anyway, President Wu came and translated for us.  What a lesson!  President Wu obviously did most of the talking, but Spin is the coolest guy ever.  He started out with a knowledge of God just from what he had seen one time on a tv program.  He finished the lesson praying to God and committing to coming to church and reading the Book of Mormon .  When President Wu testified, even though I couldn`t understand the words, I knew exactly when he was doing it because the spirit was super strong.  And after Spin did the coolest prayer in chinese for the first time in his life(just from his tone of voice I knew it was sincere), the spirit filled the room, he looked up with a big grin on his face, and said "chi how ding lo mi min" which means, I feel great!  (haha just kidding, i have now idea how you say i feel great in chinese).

Anyway, with Spin and Pascual, we are starting out great.  Our bishop is great, he`s actually from the US, but has lived in Argentina for like 20 years.  So anyway, we had a convo in english and he`s always catching me off guard by saying, "hey elder hales, how are you?" in church.  My brain then tries switching over and I usually say something like ehhh....ehhh...muy good...Anyway, he told us several times he wants us baptizing every week.  Its crazy, the ward is small, but has like 80% attendance, which is super weird for argentina.  So, its a ward just waiting to grow.  I`m SUPER STOKED!  The Lord is going to work a miracle here.  Even though the work is tougher here in capital, it can be done.

Also, there`s a pro soccer player in our ward.  His name is Christian Tula and he plays for a team called San Lorenzo.  He used to play for River Plate.  Anyway, he`s pretty big time, but kinda inactivish.  But he`s still a great guy and I met him yesterday.  Who knows, maybe we can get him to let us do an anouncement in the stadium!  Haha    

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