24 August 2010

I GOT TRANSFERED!!  Haha crazy huh?  I was just, just getting into the groove man.  In 3 weeks we found some great investigators, the branch was getting super excited, etc.  But, the Lord had other plans I guess.  I`m now in the area Versalles, which is in the Liniers zone.  Its an area similar to Parque Chacabuco, downtown and lots of buildings. But, I`m super, super stoked.  Versalles is going to divide into 2 areas, and I`ll be in Versalles 1 as the district leader.  My companion is a newer elder, Elder Leon.  He came in April and this is his first area.  He`s from southern Chile and way rad, I`m super excited.  He`s the one with red hair in the pic haha.  The other elder is one of our zone leaders, Elder Farìas, who is also an awesome elder.

So I`m still planning on working with the members here to start a web of finding, teaching and baptizing.  I`m already feeling the abundance here in Versalles. 

Anyway, I have to tell you about a funny story that I forgot to tell ya`ll last week.  When I was passing over the baptismal interview questions with him (just to refresh his memory and talk about Jesus), I asked him who Jesus was.  He told me, "Hey, I know how Jesus died!"  I said, "oh yeah, that`s great.  Tell me about it."  Gabi said, "I saw on TV that Jesus got burned at the stake!"  He said it in a way that he was so sure that it was super funny.  I tried not to laugh, but I looked over and saw that his parents had heard as well and were busting up.  So I started laughing too, I couldn`t hold it in.  Anyway, the family was inactive for 7 years and so they are all learning together haha.

Well, during Gabi`s and Lucas` baptism, Gabi went first.  He is 8 years old and has a really loud mouth.  When he came out of the warm water in the font and was waiting and the stairs to see his brother get baptized, he started to shiver and yell, "Gosh, I`m so cold!"  Then, right after bro. Solà finished the prayer and Lucas was about to go under the water, Gabi shouted out "Lucas, be careful!  They are going to dunk you in freezing cold water!"  But, despite the funny parts, it was actually a super special baptism, the spirit was way strong.

Baptism of the Solá Family - Gabi and Lucas

So, we saw a miracle this week.  On wednesday, Elder Watson and I were determined to reach our daily goals.  So we started out and had a tough morning with very few lessons, etc.  It got to be about 8:45 pm and we still needed a new investigator and 2 references.  By running, talking with everybody, and having a ton of faith, we did it! We talked to a couple in front of their house, who didn`t want anything, but said that their neighbor was passing a hard moment and needed help.  So we knocked on their door and the lady told us she had cancer and her family was suffering.  I was thinking, oh man this family is going to be great.  But...they didn`t accept!  My faith almost waivered in that moment...but she told us that her neighbor had listened to the missionaries before!  So we clapped outside their gate and she came out.  We taught her super fast (it was true, she had listened to the missionaries beforehand and had even gone to church) and then sprinted to our apartment. And we still made it to the apartment on time at 9:00 pm.  Amazing eh?

Also, I don`t know if I ever told you guys about the colectivos, but they are the buses that go around the cities.  The bus drivers have the freedom to decorate or whatever with their own buses.  So yesterday, Elder Watson and I got on a bus that literally had blacklights, dance music blaring, and was packed full.  It was seriously like a dance club, haha.  But we still did contacts the whole way and got a bunch of directions (addresses).  Haha I love it.

Well, I love you guys a ton.  And, I feel like I`m invincible with all your prayers, I really am divinely protected.  I was studying this morning about christ`s mercy and what it does.  Its like protection against the punishments of our own sins, if we just follow the instructions given by Christ:

1. Have faith

2. Repent
3. Be baptized
4. Receive the gift of the Holy Ghost
5. Endure to the end.

That`s why we do our best to baptize people.  The first 2 steps people can do without the restored church of Jesus Christ.  But baptism has to be done by the true authority.  We are unlocking christ`s mercy for people, just showing them the way and then getting out of the picture.

So my brother Nathan is heading out BYU this week, he`s the man.  His friend Jesse was hurt in an accident, so I`m sure the family and friends of Jesse would be super grateful for prayers so that he will recover.

Well, I don`t have that many stories to tell you about Versalles, you know about as much as I do seeing that I`ve been here a total of like 1.5 hours.  But, next week i`m sure I`ll be able to tell you all about it.

Well, I love you guys, I feel your prayers and I am literally divinely protected.  Angels are watching over me.


Elder Justin Hales


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