01 May 2010

Dear family and friends,

Wow this week flew by, I feel like I just wrote you guys.  Anyway, I´ll try to tell ya´ll whats been going on.  So in the office I´ve been doing some hard core negotiating for pricing and forms of payment for new aparments.  President showed me how to do it and after that I´ve started getting the hang of it.  I actually love it, its way fun.  President loves showing me how to use the teaching skills of missionaries to negotiate.  For example, he taught me how to resolve doubts, testify of the truthfulness of our offer, and even use "scriptures" (just prices and stuff but its still like scriptures).  Anyway, I´m pretty much workin some multi million deals here.

Lidia was going to get baptized this week, but she´s got big time social pressure.  Her sisters who live with her run a huge evangelical church out in Savio, Buenos Aires (its like the gray´s creek of Buenos Aires) and so they´re always putting doubts into her head.  Our job now is to help her escape the tug of war that´s happened between her friends in the church and her sisters and help her gain her own testimony, pure and strong.  When that happens, she´ll be baptized as quick as a jiffey (like grandma lockhart always says).  Roman Vega is another investigator who´s only 9 years old!  But he´s super awesome.  His family was less active, but we set some goals to help them read the book of mormon and pray every night.  Its worked wonders!  They´re very active now, brother Vega just got the priesthood after being a member for over a year, and will be baptizing his son this week.  Its really an awesome sight to see them more unified and happy. 

We´ve also been praying and fasting to find an entire to family to teach.  This week we found a family of 5, 3 of which can be baptized!  They are from Bolivia and they are way cool.  We went over for the first appointment and they had made us fried scones (tortas fritas) and we had a great lesson.  We gotta get em hitched and then they can get baptized.  Eli and Roberto are the parents and Augustin is the son.  They also have two other babies.  Augustin is super smart, he asked some great questions.

Well, thanks for everything, I love you all a ton.  Also, thanks Blevins family for the letters!  They were great. 

Until next week.

Elder J. Hales

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