14 January 2010


So this week was great, Juan Camacho got married last Wednesday to
his wife, Rosmery, and then got baptized on Saturday. They are a
super cool family. But they had a ton of problems in their house
with their neighbors and landlord so they had to move the day after
the baptism! At least they got the important stuff done haha.
Also last week I didnt tell you guys about a miracle that happened.
A way awesome member decided to take us to all her friends and
families she knows (she served a mission in Utah so she knows
English and teaches it to some families). Anyway, we ended up
meeting 12 people, including a family of 7, all in 2 hours. It
was way sweet. There will def be some baptisms just from that.

So how are you guys doing? You gotta let me know. Sometimes Ive
tried to send stuff to people and the mail system here loses it,
so if you haven´t gotten a letter from me and you´ve been waiting
like months and months thats why haha. It was HOT this week. And
its super humid too so its like NC summers. Actually, its not that
bad, but its close. Tomorrow I have to go to do some paperwork
(I guess I´m illegal or something) and Ill be able to see all the
elders in my group (they are all pretty tight, I got pretty lucky).
Man, so I completed 7 months in the mission this week! It has
passed by so fast its crazy. I feel like I dont know anything haha.
Anyway, I´m doing pretty good, I´m really tired but loving it here
in Buenos Aires. Thanks for your letters and prayers and packages.
Its way cool. Well, I gotta go eat some empanadas, Im starving.

Elder Capo (if you dont know what capo means, ask someone
from Argentina)

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