16 September 2009

Queridos fanaticos,

I say fanaticos because there is soccer in the air here. Argentina played Brazil in soccer this week…and lost. Haha but nobody was in the street when they were playing and everybody was talking about it. Except us! Anyway, you wanna hear about our baptisms? I thought so. So there were two families. The first was the Ramos family. They live in the villa and are a great great family. Nelson Ramos, who is 16, is already a member, so when we were teaching his mom, Alvertina, and his two sisters, Fany and Nicol, it was a lot easier. I'm pretty sure that if Erika and Lauren were here, they would be best friends with Fany and Nicol. They are awesome. But yeah, so we found them through Nelson, taught em, and they were baptized! I've told you before about the change we saw in Alvertina when we were teaching her. Then, when Nelson baptized his mom and sisters, it was seriously the coolest thing I've ever seen. Especially when he baptized Alvertina. He baptized her, then afterwards, they hugged and the spirit was like BAM!!! ITS TRUE!

So family Ramos was baptized first. Then, Tomas and Valeria Yovera were baptized. My companion and his old companion found this family because Tomas' wife was an inactive member. When they moved into our ward, we got their records, and my companion passed by their house. They said they had been waiting for us! Haha so we taught them, they accepted everything no problem, and now Valeria, Tomas's daughter, is a scripture scholar! Haha its awesome. But yeah it was way cool to see them get baptized. Two young men from the ward baptized them. All in all we had a lot of people at the baptism, 5 people baptized, and there were delicious cookies afterwards. So yeah it was a success. It was kind of stressful getting their interviews done and there was a little problem with Nicols white dress right before the baptism, but overall, it was good. Oh by the way, Fany is 10 years old and Nicol is 8.

But right now, we have very few investigators. Its weird, nobody is showing up for appointments, the members don’t want to help us, and its pretty tough. But we're working with return missionaries in the ward and committing them, pretty sternly but in a friendly way haha, to invite people to come to church or have a little chat with us. In case you didn’t know, the mission had a goal this year to double the baptisms from the previous year. Right now we have 1.5 weeks left in the year and we need 80 more baptisms! And there are 80 companionships! Haha I feel like I was thrown into the game on the 1 yard line with 0:01 to go in the superbowl! But BYU just beat Oklahoma, which means…we're going to win! Haha no but really, the whole mission has faith that were going to achieve the 80 baptisms. And we don’t do it for the numbers either. We do it because of the experience I had with the Ramos family. We do it because it’s the Lord's will that more of his children come to Christ. And after we double the baptisms this year, were going to do it again next year! So yeah, it’s a great great time to be here working for the Lord.

Well, hasta luego. I'm still expecting a package of goodies from everybody who reads this, so you better not disappoint me. Haha just kidding, just pray for me. And pray for Nohemi, who is our investigator that we want to baptize in the next week.

1 Corinthians 9:19-23

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