11 August 2009

Hey guys!

Wow. I´m super overwhelmed! I´m here in Buenos Aires and I just dropped my stuff off at our apartment. My companion is Elder Jiminez, who is from Mexico and doesn´t speak English! Our area is super ghetto from what I can tell. Anyway, I´m praying really hard and I hope you are too cuz I need it! Ok but there is some good news. My mission president challenged me to challenge somebody for baptism today. So, on the way to our apartment, my companion contacted the taxi driver. Haha I had no idea what was being said. Then my comp looked at me and gave me a little signal. So I challenged the man to be baptized! haha it was pretty cool! We ended up getting his address and setting up an appointment, so yeah, I´m pretty much a pro...ha...ha. But our mission president is huge on baptizing and we are about to finish a year of doubling the baptisms in the mission. It was definitely an answered prayer when I found out how enthusiastic he was about baptizing. Anyway, I´m not really sure whats going on, except that I´m here and can email. So yeah. I´m hoping that I can figure things out. Anyway, I love you all so much and thanks for supporting me! I´ll talk to ya in a week...hopefully.

Elder Hales

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